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Soups and Stews - Translated

Soups and Stews - Translated

Soups or stews are a part of almost every Korean meal. Stews are generally called jjigae (찌개), jjim (), or jeongol (전골). Jjigae dishes are usually boiled at your table over a hot fire, while jjim dishes are usually steamed, braised, or simmered. Jeongol dishes are similar to jjigae dishes, but generally cooked over a lower fire. Jigae generally have a main ingredient that is included in the name of the dish, while jeongol would contain a variety of main ingredients and would be more an upper-class dish.

At first glance Korean soups (-guk or t'ang - 국, 탕) and stews can seem very similar but there are some differences - primarily soups have more broth and are cooked longer. As for the difference between guk and t'ang, guk is more liquidy and usually made mainly with vegetables (the broth will be fish or meat based usually, though). 

guk - 국
된장국 (dwenjang-gook) – fermented soybean soup with tofu
만두국 (mandoo-guk) – dumpling soup
갈국수 (kal-gook-soo) – buckwheat noodle soup with clam or meat broth (non-spicy)
코나물국 (Kongnamul Gook) - bean sprout soup
미역국  (Miyuk gook) - Korean seaweed soup
떡국 (tteok-guk) - rice cake soup

_tang - 탕
삼계탕 (samgye-tang) - chicken ginseng soup
감자당 (gam-jah-tang) – potato & pork stew
매운탕 (mayoon-tang) – spicy fish soup
해물탕 (haemool-tang) – spicy seafood soup

Jigae (찌개)
된장찌개 (dwenjang chigay) – fermented soybean soup with tofu and clams
김치찌개 (kimchi jigay) – pickled cabbage stew (spicy)
청국장 (cheonggook-jang 'jigae') – fermented soybean stew

Jjim (찜)
갈 비찜 (galbi-chim) – beef rib stew

Jeongol (전골)
해물전골 (Haemul jeongol) - made with seafood
낙지전골  (Nakji jeongol) - made with small octopus
소고기전골 (Sogogi jeongol) - made with beef but no seafood
만두전골 (Mandu jeongol) - made with mandu
두부전골 (Dubu jeongol)- made with tofu
버섯전골 (Beoseot jeongol) - made with mushrooms
곱창전골 (Gopchang jeongol) - made with beef offal
각색전골 (Gaksaek jeongol) - made with a variety of ingredients

샤브샤브 (shya-buh shya-buh / shabu shabu) - sliced beef hot-pot
수재비 (soojaebee) – dough-flake soup with meat broth (non-spicy)

K4E Note: This is nowhere near a complete list of the many varieties of soups and stews. If there are some in particular you would like to have added, please let us know via info@korea4expats.com



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