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Bringing in Alcohol and Food

Bringing in Alcohol and Food

Carry on: Korean Customs Regulations allow each adult to bring in one 1L bottle of spirits (wine, liquor, etc) duty free. The price (value) must be below USD400.00 if purchased in Duty Free.

Shipment: wine and spirits can be included with the arriving expats' shipment of household goods and personal belonging. 
No duty to pay if cost (value + delivery) is less than W150,000.
If the amount  (value + delivery) exceeds W150,000wow, a tax of 69% will be applied. Ex: If the total mount  is W160,000, you can expect to pay  160,000x0.69=W110,400.
(the 69% apparently include Liquor Tax, Import Tariff, Education Tax). 
*since 2003

Wine from U.S.: as of 15 March 2012, wine can be brought into Korea duty-free as long as you include a certificate of origin validating the product is originating from the U.S. -- it doesn't necessarily have to be shipped from the U.S. Regardless of the country of origin (France, Chile, Canada, etc), as long as the wine was imported and labeled in the U.S, it can enter duty-free into South Korea. 

Duty or taxes are generally not levied on small amounts of food items that are clearly for personal use. However, should customs interpret the amount to be for commercial use (large amounts), duty/taxes will be levied at 20% of the customs assessed value.

For further information on goods subject to declaration and prohibited goods, please contact the Customs Information Office at Incheon International Airport or go to the Korea Customs Service website. You can also call 032-74-3100 or 080-742-7272. 

K4E Note: As with all government regulations, please check with the appropriate government agency to verify the rules. want the information on this site to be as accurate and complete as possible so if you've noticed any errors or omission on this page, please let us know at


Last Updated on 2012-07-03

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