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English Newspapers:
The Korea Herald, The Seoul Times and IHT JoongAng Daily are the three main English language dailies in Korea. Their main target is Koreans wanting to improve their English, not the expat community. . That said, they are the main sources of print information in English for foreign residents.

The JoongAng Daily is bundled with the International Herald Tribune, thus providing global perspectives as well, which makes it more expensive (~W2000) than the other two (W1000). The English local newspapers in Korea all tend to present a conversative perspective.

Much of what you read in all three is translated from Korean newspapers or taken from foreign, mainly American, news services. Periodically the local English dailies will hire additional English speaking journalists, over and above their English proofreaders, in order to reach more expat readers.

The three daily newspapers are available in various news kiosks (sometimes all three or sometimes only one or two) and also via home delivery. You can also access them on-line (click on paper to reach online version):
Joongang Daily
Korea Herald
Korea Times

English Magazines:
Various free local magazines (English-language)  focusing on classified advertisements, business/service ads and information on life in Korea are available in hotels, restaurants and tourist kiosks, and various other locations in Seoul primarily - areas of the city when there is an identifiable foreign presence, such as Itaewon. As mentioned, most of these magazines are available free-of-charge even though they show a price. It appears that in Korea, should a publisher hope to be able to charge for the magazine one day, a price must be indicated from the beginning even if they are distributed free. Were the magazine start off stating it's free, it's not possible to become a paid publication later.

10 Magazine now available online only. 

Groove Magazine is available for free at various advertiser outlets around Korea, primarily in Itaewon. The magazine provides information on events and articles of interest to English teachers and 20's-30's Koreans. 

ITW Magazine (Itaewon Magazine) is a quarterly magazine distributed free in various locations around Seoul. Content is focused toward Itaewon with coupons, directories, information and maps.

Seoul Magazine is also available in some downtown Seoul and Itaewon locations free of charge. The magazine, published by Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Selection can be purchased at the Seoul Selection shop and at major bookstores and their branches. Subscriptions also available via sense@seoulselection.com.  Seoul Selection also sends out a weekly newsletter via hank@seoulselection.com

English and other language foreign magazines are available in some of the supermarkets that target expat shoppers as well as in some bookstores. Shop around for the best prices, although all are expensive, some places offer them at more affordable rates than others. 


K4E Editor: We try to make the information on Korea4Expats.com as complete and accurate as possible, so if you notice any errors or omissions in the content above, please let us know at info@korea4expats.com.

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