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How to Avoid Owing Millions in Taxes

How to Avoid Owing Millions in Taxes by Joseph Seungyoun Zoh, 20/06/2014

Are you a University Professor or English Teachers working in Korea? Did you either receive a refund from the Korean National Tax Service (NTS_ or pay taxes owed on or around June 2nd?  From conversations with some expat friends and clients, I have become aware that many foreign nationals working in Korea miss this filing because they thought that their employer had taken care of withh...

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Global Climate Change March

Global Climate Change March by Avaaz.org, 24/06/2014

The last ice age happened in six months. Six months for the planet to unleash an army of apartment-building-size ice blocks across Europe and the United States. It was a climate tipping point where the balance is knocked completely out of control and threatens the survival of everything -- and three more tipping points exactly like it are on the verge of happening. It's our "holy s...

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SPO Pre Europe Tour Concert 16 Aug

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Ynot Order Restaurant Food Delivery in English by Ynot-Takeout., 28/05/2014

Ynot-Takeout.com has opened in Seoul and is delivering different types of food items to people in the area which had never been available for delivery before. It will focus on international food with an English based system. (See below for info on discount for K4E visitors) Ynot-Takeout grew from a simple game of rock, paper, scissors betwe...

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Sewol ferry, never again! Petition by Oliver MacColl - Avaaz, 28/05/2014

One month ago, the world helplessly watched hundreds of people drown to death, many of them high school students on a field trip. The whole country is grieving and angry, but now we can turn our sorrow into action and ensure tragedies like this never happen again. The  crew members who neglected their duty to protect the passengers are ...

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Cucina Italiano Wine Pairing Event, Sat 26 July 2014, Gangnam-gu, SeoulMention Korea4Expats when making your reservation to receive a free bottle of Ken's vintage Port (value W40,000).
TCIS Admissions Fair in Seoul, Fri 25 July 2014,  Gangnam-gu, SeoulIn addition to PreK to Gr 12 classses, Taejon Christian International School offers an International Boarding Program.
At the Movies This Week - SeoulClick here for a list of English language/subtitled movies and where they are playing in Seoul. For movies in Busan and Daegu, see What's Going On - Entertainment.
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